Landscaping and Fertilization Services in Charlotte

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A well cared for lawn can stand out in a neighborhood, but it can take a significant amount of time and work to maintain its pristine status. Especially during the steamy summer months, it can seem like grass has grown overnight. Using a lawn care or landscaping service can save precious weekend time that you would rather spend with friends and family. Whether you need mowing, pressure washing, shrub care or fertilization in Charlotte, Queen City Lawn and Landscaping can provide excellent service.

Queen City Lawn and Landscaping offers a superior lawn care service with competitive and affordable rates. They can provide seeding, aeration and Fertilization in Charlotte, to ensure your lawn stays in perfect health. Environmental factors can seriously damage your lawn, but killing harmful weeds and insects is easy with a lawn maintenance service. Lawn maintenance is important year round. Queen City Lawn and Landscaping can provide vital treatments, like Fertilization, for your lawn in the early spring, spring, late spring, summer, early fall, late fall, and winter.

Customize your lawn with a landscape design that will fit your home. Queen City Lawn and Landscaping offers a premium landscaping service for both residential and commercial properties. Their landscaping service includes installation, tree or shrub pruning, and planting. They also offer a special maintenance service for ornamental trees or shrubs under 20 feet tall. This company’s qualified technicians will provide spring cleaning, year round insect and disease control, post bloom feeding, fall feeding and a dorman oil treatment that prevent insects, like mites and scale, that damage trees during the winter.

Additionally, Queen City Lawn and Landscaping offers a pressure washing service for your patio, driveway or deck. Pressure washing provides a deep clean to areas that receive a lot of exposure to inclement weather and other environmental issues.

Queen City Lawn and Landscaping has been helping customers with lawn care and landscaping since 1999. This company strives to provide a superior service for both residential and commercial purposes, at a reasonable rate. They even offer a free quote on their company website. Don’t hesitate to put the hassle of lawn care in a capable professional’s hands.