Knowing When You Need To Call A Workman’s Comp Lawyer


Most employers are required by law to have a worker’s compensation policy. However, that does not mean that you are going to be covered by the policy. Even if you are covered by the policy it does not mean it is going to be easy for you to get the compensation even if you deserve it either. Worker’s compensation insurance policies for most companies will not cover agriculture employees, domestic workers, or independent contractors. It is also not uncommon for the policy to only protect full time employees.

Most people just assume that as long as you are covered by the policy they are going to pay your bills and financial compensation just as they should every time. You have to understand that worker’s compensation insurance to a company is no different than your renter’s insurance or car insurance. If you make claims the rates are likely to go up. This means that every time your employer has to pay out a worker’s compensation claim their insurance rates will go up too.

Consulting with a Workman’s Comp Lawyer is generally a good idea if you are filing a worker’s compensation claim. However, there is no reason for you to hire one until you find out whether or not you are going to have to fight to get the compensation. You may be pleasantly surprised with an employer that is more than willing to pay your claim. You also might be greeted with a huge slap in the face from your employer as they tell you they are going to fight your claim.

You definitely want to hire a Workman’s Comp Lawyer if you find out your employer is going to be fighting your worker’s compensation claim. If they are fighting your claim it is because they do not want to pay it or they think they can win a case against you. This means that you are really going to need a lawyer with some decent experience under their belt to help you. You just need to reach out to a law firm such as and explain your situation including how you get hurt or sick and why they are telling you they won’t pay.