Knowing When To Hire A Family Law Attorney in Wichita, KS


With so many different kinds of lawyers to consider it is no surprise that you could get overwhelmed when trying to figure out who to hire. After all, there are lawyers who practice in very broad areas of laws and then there are those who practice in very specific kinds of cases. Common sense would tell you to hire a divorce lawyer if you are getting a divorce and a child support lawyer if you are fighting for child support. This leaves a lot of people wondering when you should hire a Family law attorney in Wichita, KS to help with your legal needs? The beauty of a family lawyer is the fact that they handle anything and everything that falls under the family law umbrella. This would include domestic violence, divorce, marriage, adoption, guardianship, and child support.

Child Support, Child Custody, and Divorce

When you are getting a divorce child custody battles and child support battles are usually things that are going to follow shortly after. The problem with hiring a divorce lawyer for your divorce case is that they may or may not have experience in child custody or child support cases. This would mean that you would have to screen and hire a second and possibly even a third lawyer. When you hire a Family law attorney in Wichita, KS you are hiring someone that knows how to handle divorce cases, child custody cases, and child support cases.

Divorce and Spousal Support

Spousal support is also commonly referred to as alimony. It is a lot like child support only it does not usually last as long. When you pay child support you are paying child support until that child has turned 18. That is, of course, unless the child goes to college. If the child goes to college you could end up paying until they are in their mid-twenties. Spousal support is something you pay temporarily so your spouse can readjust to being financially independent.