Know Your Rights: Find a Divorce Attorney in Charlotte NC

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Divorce can be an overwhelming process, especially when issues concerning children and safety are involved. If you are facing divorce, you will want to ensure that your rights and those of your children are protected. Don’t let empty words or broken promises keep you from seeking legal protection and what is rightfully due to you. A Divorce Attorney Charlotte NC can help you understand the law and guide you through areas you may encounter in the divorce process.

Making Custody Decisions

It is the court’s responsibility to ensure that the best interest of the child is the first and foremost factor in determining the division of custody. If you are facing a custody fight, you will want to ensure that your lawyer presents a strong and factual case that shows you are the best choice in parenting your children.

Factoring Child Support

Your marriage may be over, but you and your ex’s responsibility for and to your children does not end with a divorce. Many factors go into figuring the amount of child support to be ordered, including annual incomes, how parenting time is divided, and responsibility for other children.

It is important to remember that child support is not alimony or spousal maintenance and not designed to provide all your financial support, you will be expected to share financial responsibility for your child.

Beyond Child Support

Child support is only one factor in dividing financial parental responsibility. You also have to consider who will hold medical and dental insurance for children and premiums and out-of-pocked expenses.

Children often have hobbies and activities that can quickly add up. These things need to be discussed as part of your divorce agreement, along with deciding who will pay which cost, you should also discuss who is responsible for transportation, especially to events and activities that are out of your immediate area.

Even if they are relatively young now, your children will grow up, graduate, and head off to college. College expenses are increasing yearly and you cannot always count on scholarships and awards to pay for an education in full. You will want to discuss how these costs are often divided with your Divorce Attorney in Charlotte NC.

Before you head to court, it is important to have knowledge and experience at your side, call a Divorce Attorney in Charlotte NC today. Or visit Conrad Trosch & Kemmy to get more information on divorce law.