What To Know Before You Go To Buy A Car

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The US auto industry is facing tough times, this makes for unprecedented deals available to new car buyers. If car dealerships in San Antonio don’t sell cars they can’t stay in business very long, this of course makes it a strong buyers market. At the moment great rebates, excellent financing terms and high trade in values are as good if not better than they have ever been. All this does not mean that buying a new car is going to be easy, the dealers are not going to play dead so preparing yourself before you head to the dealerships can give the buyer the edge.

The invoice price:

Once you have decided what car is right for you and what dealership in San Antonio you are going to deal with, go to the internet and look up the invoice price, the price the dealer pays for the car. The sticker price includes a great deal of profit for the dealer; this can run into the thousands of dollars on expensive vehicles. With the exception of very popular models you should be able to buy the car for very close to invoice price, not the manufacturers suggested retail price.

Look for rebates:

Visit the manufacturer’s web site and look at what rebates are available. Be fully aware of all the rebates that you qualify for and make sure you get them. Dealers will try to hold these back if possible, keeping them as profit.

Research the dealers:

There are usually multiple car dealerships in San Antonio dealing with the same manufacturer. Ask around and find out what dealer seems to be the easiest to work with and the one that offers fair deals, this makes the process of buying the car easier.

Check your own credit history:

Unless you have cash you will need a loan to buy the car. The cost of the loan depends on your credit history and knowing this in advance allows you to better anticipate what the dealers might offer in the way of financing.

Get outside financing:

Today the big profit center at any dealership is the finance department. Car dealerships in San Antonio contract with banks for financial services, they get attractive credit terms and mark them up a percentage or so. This may not sound like much but it adds up over the term of the loan. In many cases you can get a better rate directly from the bank or credit union.

Shop at the end of the month when dealers are trying to make their goals for manufacturers bonuses and don’t buy on your first visit, use this visit as a chance to make a test drive and make no commitments until you control the conversation.

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