When Your Kids Need You Hire the Best Custody Lawyer in Douglasville GA


Unfortunately, every parent is not a good parent. This goes for mothers and fathers. If you have separated from your spouse and you feel like your children may be in danger or at risk of neglect if they stay with their other parent, you need a skilled attorney. Without a lawyer, especially if your former spouse has one, your chances of getting custody of your kids are very slim. Instead of going to court alone, hire the Best Custody Lawyer In Douglasville GA to represent you.

Custody cases are usually very emotional. Accusations are often made by both sides and the kids are caught in the middle of a war between their parents. By hiring an attorney, you will have someone to speak on your behalf so you won’t get drawn in to an argument in front of the judge. Your lawyer may spend a lot of time with you prior to court to ensure you are prepared for the hearing and for any questions that may be asked by the other lawyer or the judge.

To win sole custody of your minor children, you may need evidence that their other parent is unfit to care for them. Clear and convincing evidence may be hard to obtain if you don’t live with your children. Some parents who are not represented by attorneys are tempted to fabricate stories to make the judge believe they are a better parent. This nearly always backfires and the parent who lies may damage their relationship with their children. The Best Custody Lawyer In Douglasville GA may help you collect evidence and present it to the court so the judge hears your side of the story.

In some cases, a joint custody arrangement is better for everyone involved. If you are willing to share custody with your child’s other parent, be sure to tell your lawyer. Family courts are typically receptive to agreements between parents, even when the visitation schedule is not conventional. You won’t have to settle for spending every other weekend with your children. Your attorney may be able to help you negotiate a shared parenting agreement with your child’s other parent and their lawyer. Click Here for more information.

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