Key considerations when remodeling a bathroom

Home Improvement

The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that gets more use than most; the other room is the kitchen. As families spend so much time in the bathroom, over time the room begins to look shabby and outdated. When it becomes apparent that bathroom remodeling in Muscatine IA has to be done there are a few key considerations to take into account first. The outcome of the job can totally change the feel and appearance of the room and taking time before the job starts will make the renovation easier and more enjoyable.

Having lived in the house for years, you probably know what you want changed already. Outdated fixtures, the size of the room is not large enough, not enough natural light and poor ventilation. These are the key elements to consider.

Although minor tasks like refacing the vanity doors are something that can be undertaken by the homeowner, most bathroom remodeling in Muscatine, IA will be done by a qualified construction company. As the renovation will probably include plumbing and electrical work, the contractor can do the work in accordance with the most current codes.

One of the principal reasons for remodeling a bathroom is because it looks dated. If you browse through home decorating magazines you may be tempted to go with a minimalist bathroom design. This can appear very nice in the book but these bathrooms are not be used every day by a family. Minimalism is nice but you will need storage space so don’t start eliminating cabinets; think more along the lines of concealing them or having them relocated to a less obvious and obtrusive spot in the room. Think about replacing the 60s style vanity with a light, airy pedestal sink instead.

Fixtures will usually be outdated, replace them with new fixtures but stay with simple straight forward designs. Choose the fixtures so that they complement each other and blend nicely with the floor and cabinetry.

The floor in the bathroom needs special attention. The bathroom is usually wet and hard tiled floors can be cold. It is possible to solve these problems by installing under floor heating and tile which draws all the elements together. Avoid carpet and wood as they will degrade quickly.