Key Character Traits to Become an EMT


With an ageing population and soaring rates of medical and mental health disparities, there is a growing shortage and pressing need for emergency service personnel across the nation. One of the most critical of these positions is that of an Emergency Medical Technician, or EMT. Often the first point of contact with patients, the role of an EMT extends beyond just that of medical care; consistently exposed to high levels of stress, pressure, and emotion, a cool head and calm demeanor are crucial to safe and successful transportation and treatment. For those who think they have what it takes, consider whether the following traits are within your temperament:

Physical Fitness

While downtime during shift may offer time to rest and relax, a sudden or emergency call can require all sorts of physical movement and maneuvering. Whether you are navigating tight spaces, carrying heavy weight, or climbing and crawling to reach an entrapped patient, your athleticism and adaptability may just be the difference between life and death.

Keen Reasoning

Just as physical activity improves brain function, exceptional cognitive function is imperative to quick thinking and problem solving in the field. Because circumstances are often less than ideal, your ability to adapt and adjust to any and all stressors on the job will direct and determine not just your performance but your patient’s safety.

Stoic and Strong Disposition

If needles and blood aren’t your thing, a career in emergency services may not be either. Frequently exposed to situations and environments beyond the normal realm of quotidian life, the successful EMT will have a stoic attitude and strong stomach in extreme and unpredictable surroundings.

If these characteristics sound like you, we invite you to consider joining the elite field of Emergency Medical Services. At Alert Ambulance, we are always willing to discuss professional opportunities with those who have what it takes. Feel free to contact us with questions, or to discuss how and where to attend a certified New Jersey EMT certification program.