Keeping Moisture Out Of A Household Goods Storage Service in Bonita Springs FL

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When there is a need to store items in a household goods storage service in Bonita Springs FL, keeping moisture out of the unit will be a priority. A storage unit that accumulates moisture due to humidity or inadequate sealing, can lead to damage to the items inside. Here are some steps one can use to ensure their belongings remain in the best possible condition while in a storage unit.

Check Over The Unit For Voids

It is a great idea to do an evaluation of a store unit before placing items inside. If there are cracks in the walls, or if the door does not shut securely, it may be a good idea to select another unit to house the belongings. Alert the manager that the unit is not completely sealed so they can make necessary repairs.

Make Sure Items Are Dry Before Storing

Do not place items inside of a storage unit without making sure they are dry first. If something wet makes its way inside, it can make the air humid, leading to damage to the belongings kept inside. Wipe off each item with a piece of clean cloth before putting it into a storage box or container.

Keep Items Protected By Raising Them

Most storage units have cement flooring. This can become moist if humidity levels rise inside of the enclosure when the door is opened. To help avoid damage to items, it may be beneficial to raise them off of the floor. Use pallets or shelving units to keep items from having direct contact with a cement floor.

Consider Climate Controlled Units

A unit with climate control will be less humid than one without this feature. The temperature can be adjusted to help keep items prone to damage from becoming ruined when inside of the enclosure.

When there is a need to rent a storage unit, consider finding a Household Goods Storage Service in Bonita Springs FL to hold belongings. Contact Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. today to find out about the services they provide to their customers as well as the pricing structure in place.