Keeping HVAC Furnaces Healthy and Safe in the Dayton, Ohio, Area

Heating and Air Conditioning

Proper heating is not only essential to keeping a business in the Dayton area comfortable, safe and productive, it also plays a significant part in business efficiency and low heating bills. And a commercial-grade furnace is a significant part of the HVAC heating system in that equation.

Potential Causes behind Furnace Issues
Commercial furnace repair in Beavercreek, OH, can diagnose fundamental problems leading to furnace malfunction:

  • Failure to ignite – incorrect limit control, malfunctioning control board or blocked flue
  • Lack of power – complications with the thermostat, transformer or capacitor issues or loose wiring
  • Noisy motor – a likely motor failure, which requires immediate attention
  • No blower – motor or capacitor issues
  • Burners going out – clogged or dirty condensate drain, flame sensor or gas supply
  • Blower always on – damaged limit switch due to low airflow from a dirty filter

Preventative Maintenance
One of the best ways to keep a furnace in good repair is annual preventative maintenance, which avoids the advancement of existing issues and keeps efficiency up and bills down. Some issues can turn into safety concerns presenting a problem for the building and its occupants if left unchecked. These can be:

  • Buildup of carbon monoxide due to improper ventilation
  • Fine cracks in the combustion chamber or heat exchanger, potentially leading to further carbon monoxide buildup
  • Potential fires from built-up soot
  • Potential shocks or fires from bad wiring
  • Potential fire or explosion from fuel or gas leaks

Professional HVAC Furnace Repair in the Dayton Area
Commercial Furnace Repair in Beavercreek, OH with several decades of experience in commercial and residential HVAC service can diagnose and correct furnace issues or perform regular maintenance to prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones. Contact Peck Heating Air Conditioning Refrigeration for more information!