Keep Your Commercial Air Conditioning in Edmond OK Running Well

Air Conditioning

If you are in charge of building maintenance, make sue you have a Commercial Air Conditioning in Edmond OK company on call. It takes a lot of energy to cool down a large building. In order to make sure your commercial air conditioning unit continues to function properly, it is important to take care of it. Simple, preventative maintenance will prevent your large building from becoming an inferno. Here are a few common problems you may run into with your commercial air conditioning unit.

Your Unit Is Not Turning On

If your unit is not turning on at all, chances are a fuse got blown up. All you need to do is change out the fuse. You also need to look for broken wires or loss electrical connections. A technician can come and fix your blown fuse and check for any other problems.

Your Unit Is Not Cooling Down The Building

To start out with, check and make sure that all the windows in your building are shut. Hot outside air can prevent the cooling process from working effectively. Be sure to check for open windows before you just to any conclusions.

If all the windows in your building are shut, check to see if the belt on the compressor is loose or has slipped off its tracks. It may need tightened or replaced. If you are not sure what the compressor is or how to check the belt, call up a Commercial Air Conditioning in Edmond OK repair company. They can come out and quickly get your air conditioning running again.

Your Unit Is Making Lots of Noise

Over time, the nuts and bolts that hold your unit together can become loose. Generally, all that you need to do to make your system run quietly again is to tighten up the nuts and bolts. While you do that, make sure that nothing is rubbing against each other that should not be. That is another common cause of noise in air conditioning units.

Make sure the air conditioning unit in your building continues to run smoothly by engaging in regular maintenance. If you suspect a problem with your air conditioning unit, investigate it right away and call up the experts to help you out. Visit Benchmark Mechanical, Inc. to learn more about commercial air conditioning repair.