Keep Your Automobile Safe on the Road by Having Your Brakes Checked


Most people take their brake system for granite on their automobile and often do not give them a second thought. That is until they try to stop, and their brakes are not working properly. The brake system is a vital part of a car as they are the components used to help stop a moving automobile. How a vehicle’s brakes operate can make a huge difference in whether you will be able to stop your car in time to avoid an accident. Whether they need to be replaced or you simply need the brake system on your vehicle checked, you should have them inspected by a certified technician that provides brake service in Davenport, IA area.

Know When to Take Your Auto In

  • When you press the brake pedal to stop and it almost touches the floor of your car before they start working.
  • You notice that the brakes are sticking when you push the pedal.
  • Brake service in Davenport, IA is required when there is a squeaking or grinding noise when the brake is pressed.
  • If it has been awhile since the auto’s brakes were changed or you are approaching the 70,000-mile point.
  • You notice your automobile shaking or vibrating when you press the brake pedal.
  • When applied you auto pulls to the side instead of driving straight.

Avoid an Accident by Scheduling an Appointment Today

Bi-State Auto Service Center knows the importance of having functional brakes on an automobile. They provide the services you require to determine if your car’s brakes need to be changed. In addition to a full brake system check to ensure your automobile will stop properly. Do not risk your safety or the safety of others by neglecting the brakes on your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today to ensure they are working properly.