Keep Your Home or Business Warm and Comfortable With a New Boiler in Orange County, NY

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Plumbing

We heat our homes with several methods. There are stand alone room heaters which consume electricity or gas. These are reasonably efficient for the job they are designed for, but they don’t function all that well for very large rooms or multiple rooms. Some window based air conditioners have heaters built into them, but these are also limited to one room at a time. To heat a whole home some people use central heating units which are normally part of a combined forced air system and modern central systems can be very efficient with simple controls for easy operation.

However, many homes in Orange County were designed with a different heating method in mind. These old houses use a Boiler in Orange County, NY to steam the water and pass it on to radiators so the heat could spread through the individual rooms. Boilers actually operate in two different ways. Some heat the water and the hot water flows throw pipes to heat the home. Others pass the heated steam. This is generally known as radiated heat. Not all systems use the common radiators that we typically see in older buildings. For example, some boiler systems can have pipes running under a floor or in the wall to spread heat through the room.

A Boiler in Orange County, NY can also serve another useful function when adapted properly. Your boiler system can generate hot water for your home or building at the same time it creates heat for the home. During winter this could save your home or business quite a bit of money. Of course adapting your system is no easy feat and is something that should only be done by a certified plumber or boiler installer, but many companies will discuss the matter with you.

If you are replacing the old boiler in your home you may want to consider your options. Merchants like Ramapo Wholesalers know their customers are looking for the most energy efficient models available and tend to carry only the very best brands. You can easily find boiler systems that will help you with home water heating or those that simply keep your house warm and comfortable.

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