Jump Start Your Career: Training for Youth Workers


Youth-serving organizations understand the importance of training youth workers’ professional development and skills. However, as a youth worker, you may feel lost or under-experienced.

Training for youth workers is available from sources other than your employer. They have programs that can help you succeed and be an effective youth worker. They will provide the tools and skills that you need to conquer the barriers you face as a youth worker.

Types of Training Materials

Outside companies offer professional development training for youth workers. These aspects of training will help you identify competencies and your areas of strength. They will also help you to identify areas that you need to work on so you can take steps forward in your career.

Often, professional development training for youth workers includes an orientation and tailored courses to assist you in specific areas such as ethics, behavior intervention, communications, and youth development. You will feel confident in attending work each day with these tools in your back pocket.

Professional Development

Professional development is a broad term. Generally, professional development includes training for youth workers involving education and support skills with diverse paths catered to your needs. They will discuss a wide range of topics, to help you jump over obstacles in the workplace.

Continuing education courses are also widely available so once you have finished the main course, you have an opportunity to further develop your skill set. Employers may only offer short, uneventful professional development programs that cover a blanket of ages. Youth training materials are targeted to your age group and the obstacles you face as a youth employee.