JOBST Surgical Bra – The Features and Benefits


An example of a quality compression garment for the purposes of edema management and applications after surgery is the JOBST surgical bra. These bras are important to wear post-surgery due to the fact that they help provide much needed comfort and compression during the healing process. Specifically, the JOBST Surgical Vest delivers excellent comfort and satisfaction to patients during the post-operative phase of their recovery.

This garment is often used to help reduce potential negative outcomes in the wake of breast surgery procedures. It consists of breathable fabric and offers effective compression for the management of edema in the postoperative phase, while also facilitating the dry and cool environment on the patient’s skin.

Several of the features and benefits offered by the JOBST surgical bra include:

 * Lessening of hematoma formation
 * Manages postoperative edema
 * Latex free
 * Provides support for chest and breast tissue after surgery
 * Minimizes the requirement for surgical dressings
 * Minimizes tension at the side of the surgery
 * Enables easy examination of the surgical site
 * Offered with or without cups
 * Machine washable and dryable

Additional Recommendations
You may experience unnecessary problems and issues if your surgical bra compression garment is improperly measured and fits inadequately. It’s also important that open wounds are applied with appropriate dressing prior to the application of your compression garment.

Initial Wearing of Compression Garments
The first several times you put on a compression garment such as a JOBST surgical bra, you will definitely notice the squeeze. This is something you may not be used to and you may want to gradually increase the number of hours you wear the garment during the day. You may start with only wearing it for a few hours on day one and then increase the time period you wear it on the days thereafter.

Wearing Requirements
In order to treat your condition properly in the wake of your surgery, it’s important to wear your garments each day. These garments are designed to manage the issue at hand on a continual basis.

Proper Care
You can increase the potential lifespan of your surgical bra by applying proper care. It’s important to refer to the care instructions provided with the product and follow them in order to maximize its use.