Jewelry Repair Experts in Cincinnati, OH Provide Shank Repairs for Rings


If you wear your ring over an extended time, the shank will wear down. This part of the ring appears on the back and can easily get damaged. It can be disheartening to see your ring’s shank thin and unwearable. However, you don’t have to feel bad for long. You just need to contact a business that makes regular ring repairs.

How Shanks Are Usually Repaired

Jewelry repair experts in Cincinnati, OH can fix the shank on a ring by one of three processes. They can either solder the metal to the current shank, fix any cracks in the shank, or replace the whole shank. When you know what you need to have done, you can get the repair made in a short matter of time. When ordering this type of repair, you will need to indicate what type of metal needs fixing or replacing.

Types of Metals

Jewelry repair experts that replace or repair shanks can take care of rings made of rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, silver, stainless steel, or platinum. For a ring, you also need to indicate the current ring size and the desired ring size. If you go up one size, you will usually be assessed an extra charge. Some people choose to go up two or three sizes, depending on the damage and wearer. In some instances, resizing is not needed.

Other Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry repair experts can fix your ring so it is as good as new. You may also need to have other jewelry repairs made at the same time. If so, you can also place orders for these repairs. Some of the jewelry repairs that are regularly made include repairs for earrings, necklaces, pendants, watches, and bracelets. For instance, you may have broken some of the links on your bracelet. If so, you can obtain help by going through a jewelry company that features customized repair services.

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