Janitorial Supplies: 3 Tips for Tackling Cleaning Schools Over the Summer

Restoration and Cleaning

It’s nearly the end of the school year and the children are getting excited at the thought of the long summer ahead. For the adults, however, minds turn to janitorial supplies and what it takes to tackling deep cleaning the school for the next school year. Everyone knows schools are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria so read on for a few tips to help you tackle deep cleaning your school over the long summer break.

Is the Janitorial Closet Stocked and Ready?

Look deeply into your janitorial closet and see if it’s stocked and ready for deep cleaning. A well-stocked closet will have janitorial supplies, such as mop buckets, mops, brooms, trash bags and plenty of heavy-duty cleaning supplies, to get the job done efficiently and quickly when the time comes. A well-stocked, well-cleaned closet is the sign of top-notch janitorial services in your school.

Floor Cleaning Is a Must

Cleaning your floors should be a top priority for schools during the summer months. The last thing you want is to put off deep-cleaning, stripping and waxing floors until school begins. This task would disrupt the learning environment that is so important to turn out well-rounded students. Instead, do all of the floor cleaning during the summer and you will only have to complete sweeping and mopping during the school year.

Clean, Service, Repair and Replace What Is Broken

School equipment gets dirty and damaged during the school year. Summer is the perfect time to shine it up, get it serviced, repair what you can and replace what you can’t. In this way, your students have clean equipment that is like new when they return from summer vacation.

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