Issues That Can Cause a Need for New Expansion Joint Installation in Chicago, IL


Expansion joints are essential for preventing impact or friction between components in concrete structures like parking garages. When they fail, it can lead to serious property damage and even safety concerns. That’s why it’s important to look into new expansion joint installation in Chicago IL as soon as it becomes apparent that the old ones have begun to fail.

Expansion joint failure can occur for a wide variety of reasons. Read on to find out about a few of the most common of them.

Bellows Material Failures

The bellows are designed to absorb expansion and vibration. These flexible elements can wind up cracking due to stress corrosion or contact with chlorides, depending on what material they are made of. Once this happens, new expansion joints will have to be installed before a serious failure occurs.

Expansion Joint Fatigue

Not all bellows failures occur due to cracking. Over time, these elements can also just wear out. Their expected service life can be altered significantly depending on the conditions of their use including environmental factors and applications.

Squirm or Rupture

When an expansion joint system becomes over-pressurized, it can lead to squirm or rupture. Squirm occurs when the bellow ends remain on the same center line but begin to deflect by themselves due to reaching critical pressure, while rupture refers to the breach of the expansion joint material. Both of these issues should be taken very seriously as they indicate imminent system failure.

Improper Usage

If expansion joints are installed with incorrect orientation or are used in a situation outside of their intended applications, chances are they will eventually fail. These systems must be securely anchored in a very particular way to allow planned-for movement while simultaneously containing the forces of interior pressure. If they are exposed to excessive pressure, movement, or vibration or even extreme temperatures they can wind up failing prematurely.

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