Is There A Medical Marijuana Card In Houston?


As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Houston continues to attract people from all over the country. As these individuals move to the state and establish a residence, they may find they qualify for a prescription for medical marijuana.

Texas provides a list of qualifying medical and psychological conditions for a medical marijuana prescription. While the number of qualifying conditions is less than in many states, it is growing thanks to advocates of the use of medical marijuana.

The Process

While the process of going to a medical marijuana doctor is a requirement in all states, Texas has a different approach. Patients are not required to meet in person with the medical marijuana doctor. The original appointment, as well as the follow-ups, are all done by phone. This telemedicine option makes it easy for patients to meet with a qualified, state-approved medical marijuana doctor from the comfort of their own home.

What About a Medical Marijuana Card?

Texas medical marijuana doctors do not make a recommendation for medical marijuana that requires the patient to carry a medical marijuana card. Instead, the medical marijuana doctor approves the patient and creates an electronic prescription in CURT. CURT is the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas, and the approved dispensaries in the state can access the prescription when the patient places an order and provides the required identification.

Without the need for the patient to have a medical marijuana card, patients can order from any dispensary in the state. In addition, the dispensaries can ship the prescriptions anywhere in Texas, making it easy, convenient, and cost-effective for patients in Houston and across the state.