Is My Dog Happy Alone?

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In today’s busy world, you need to work longer days to afford your home, food, electricity and pets. While this is a simple fact of life that cannot be changed, this means that our four-legged friends are left alone for longer and longer periods of time. Dogs are very social animals that are not designed to be left by themselves for hours on end. They need the social interaction of another member of their “pack.” Whether their pack consists of humans, dogs or even a cat, when dogs do not have this interaction they are prone to boredom that can lead to destructive behavior, depression and health issues.  That’s where Ft. Lauderdale doggie daycare comes in to solve these common problems!

“But my dog is great by himself!”

Is he really? While many dogs tolerate being left alone, do you really know what they do while you are out? Most dogs that are left alone will develop negative behaviors, either psychologically or physically. Some signs of this can include accidents in the home, chewed furniture, barking, self-mutilation, and separation anxiety. While most dogs will stop having accidents, chewing furniture, and other destructive behaviors if they are crated, you have to consider how long you are gone and what kind of life that is for your pet.

While crate training is an excellent tool for a well-behaved dog, it is often overused. A crate should never be used when you are at home or for extended periods of time (over 4 hours). Imagine yourself trapped in your bed. While this is great at night, when you sleep, during the day it would get rather boring.  Wouldn’t spending the day at doggie daycare in Ft. Lauderdale be much better?

When dogs are not crate trained, the house is full of things they can get into that can seriously harm them. One of the most common places people would think their little Jack Russell Terrier can’t reach is the kitchen counter, yet hundreds do. Dogs also seem to enjoy chewing bottles of cleaner, soap, television remotes and other things that, while annoying to us, could be fatal to them. It just isn’t worth the risk.

“I can’t be home all day. How do I fix this?”

Ft. Lauderdale doggie daycares are available for pets whose owners cannot be there. While your pet would prefer to be with you, these locations provide an essential service where they will allow your dog to receive all the social interaction they need. They allow essential interaction with other dogs as well as human interaction preventing your pet from being left at home where he can get into things.  It also prevents them from being caged for endless hours in a quiet house. As they can run around and play with toys in a controlled, open environment during doggie daycare in Ft. Lauderdale, dogs will often be reluctant to leave their new friends, both canine and human alike.

When a dog is provided with this interaction, they are often happier, better behaved and healthier, both physically and mentally. Instead of leaving your canine baby at home by themselves, consider taking them to a Ft. Lauderdale doggie daycare at website domain.  They will thank you for it.