Is Ibogaine Detox Treatment Safe for You?


When it comes to opiate addictions, other drugs have long been used to overcome it. However, many of these drugs come with their own risks, which means it’s important to determine whether this course of treatment is right for you. The most critical element in this entire process is to make sure you are under the direct supervision of a trained medical professional if you are seeking ibogaine detox treatment.

Side Effects

One of the ways in which medical professionals decide whether ibogaine detox treatment is right for a particular patients is whether the risks outweigh the benefits or vice versa. While it can be difficult to predict which patients will experience the negative side effects, it is important to look at overall health and wellbeing of the patient to assess the actual level of risk. Some of the potential side effects of using ibogaine to overcome a drug addiction include hallucinations, loss of control over body movements, heart problems and tremors. Many of these side effects are not harmful in the long-term, but it’s important to closely observe the patient during the treatment.

The Positive Impact

As long as individuals are under the care of a trained and experienced medical professional, ibogaine detox treatment can be a viable and safe treatment option. It has been found to provide the assistance individuals need to overcome their addiction and begin living a healthier, more productive lifestyle. Ibogaine restores the level of serotonin in patients, giving them the happy, pleasant feeling they’ve been turning to drugs for. The unfortunate fact is opiates and similar drugs naturally deplete serotonin, which creates the vicious addiction cycle. Using ibogaine to restore these levels can help reverse these effects.

If you’ve been thinking about ibogaine detox treatment for you or a loved one, visit the Ibogaine Clinic website to learn more about the risks and benefits.