Is a Radiant Heating Remodel in Columbia, Maryland a Good Investment?


With all the changes in heating technology in the past few years, owners of older homes frequently want to know if there are more efficient options to meet their heating needs. Each type of heating system available has specific advantages and disadvantages, but one that is increasingly popular is radiant heating. There are a couple of distinct advantages radiant heating offers.

It’s quiet.

Radiant heat systems are installed in the floor, warming them without noisy fans running. Depending on the size of the system, the hot water supply can come from a domestic water heater or a stand-alone system dedicated to heating. When replacing an older system, ask the Radiant Heating Remodel in Columbia Maryland contractor what type of radiant system would work best for the specific application.

There are no drafts.

Unlike forced air systems that create drafts whenever the system is in operation, radiant systems do not create uncomfortable air currents in a home. For that reason, individuals with allergies or other respiratory issues are often more comfortable in homes with radiant heat systems and suffer fewer attacks. In addition, efficient zoning of the heating system is easily accomplished with radiant heat installations.

Of course, as with any system, there are a couple of disadvantages of a Radiant Heating Remodel in Columbia Maryland. One disadvantage is the initial cost, which can sometimes be significantly more than a forced air system. However, most homeowners electing to install a new radiant heating system are more concerned with comfort and health issues that are resolved with a radiant system. The other disadvantage is the inability to piggyback an air conditioning system. For those concerned about dealing with summer heat, the contractor can explain other options for cooling.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for heating needs in the Columbia area, the experts at Joseph Heil Company Inc work with homeowners to individualize a plan that best meets the homeowner’s needs. The experts will carefully explain the advantages and value associated with radiant heating systems, allowing the homeowner to make an educated decision on what type of system is best for their home and family.