Is A 24 X 24 Access Panel Good Enough for You?

Building Materials and Supplies

When you are choosing to upgrade or install an access panel in your building, you will need to decide what access is required, by who and for how long. This will dictate whether you require a 24 x 24 access panel for easy access to a relatively small area or a larger access panel where an individual can move through into the area to complete their task.

Hiding Your Service Areas

You will not want to provide easy access to everyone to be able to change the settings for your electrical, plumbing or security systems within your building. Behind a high-quality 24 x 24 access panel, you may hide telephone connections, computer cables, access to your sprinkler systems and much more.

By keeping these essential services secure and locked away, only authorized individuals can access the panel and complete whatever task is required. This may be as simple as turning a water flow on or off or it may provide you with access to specific circuits within your electrical system.

24 x 24 access panels can be mounted on a surface or sit flush with the wall area. Your choices will depend upon what is to be hidden, what requires access and how easy individuals need to get that the service areas when maintenance is required.

A 24 x 24 panel provide you with simple access to the services, but you will not be expected to complete tasks much more detailed than easy work with your hands.

You can install access panels vertically or horizontally, between wall studs or the joists in the ceiling. They are constructed of high-quality materials that are not easily damaged.

Some establishments will choose to paint their access panel while others will add the wallpaper that matches the current design and decor within the establishment.

For access panels that are provided without a locking system, they will still not be easy to open to protect the areas from children and other individuals trying to gain access. The unlocked versions usually require a screwdriver to pull the panel door open.