Invisalign in Pampa, TX Straightens Teeth Without Metal Braces


Many adults are ashamed of their teeth. They may have an overbite or overcrowded teeth. Their parents might not have had the money for orthodontic treatments. Now that they are adults and have their own money, they would like to get their teeth straightened. However, they might be concerned that traditional metal braces with wires don’t look professional. They dread the though of eating at a business meeting with them. Traditional braces require time-consuming appointments and painful adjustments. These adults should ask their dentist about using Invisalign in Pampa, TX.

Invisalign uses a series in clear aligners to gently nudge teeth into position. When one aligner has completed its task, the patient uses the next one in the series to continue the improvement. Dentists will give an adult several at one time, so they will need to visit the dentist about every eight weeks. Aligners are taken out to eat. Therefore patients don’t have to worry about eating in public. They can also be taken out, if the person has to speak in public. Most people will find them so comfortable, they won’t feel the need to do this. They should also remember that taking the aligners out frequently will increase the time it takes to straighten their teeth.

A dentist begins the process by taking a series of digital photographs of the patient’s mouth. This information is analyzed by computer software. It determines where the teeth are currently located and where they should be located. A series of aligners are then designed to move the teeth into their ideal location. Invisalign in Pampa, TX uses the highest quality materials to make their aligners. The prevents them from yellowing as they are worn. The change in a person’s smile is so gradual that most friends and family members won’t realize that the person is straightening their teeth. When their appearance begins to change, they may just hear that they look wonderful. Panhandle Dental is one of the dental practices in Pampa that provides Invisalign teeth straightening. Any one who has questions about it, can contact them for more information.