Invisalign Is the Clear Alternative to Traditional Braces


For those dental patients who want straighter teeth and a resolution to uneven or an improper bite, yet don’t want to wear traditional braces, Invisalign may be the answer. There are many reasons to choose Invisalign in Edmonton because there are definite advantages to wearing clear aligners. The typical dental patient who chooses Invisalign is an adult or professional who doesn’t want the look of wearing traditional braces.

Invisalign Is the Clear Choice

Invisalign is a clear aligner dental treatment to straighten teeth and fix uneven or bad bites. For adults who don’t wish to wear traditional braces, whether steel or clear, Invisalign is the clear choice. Using state-of-the-art dental software, the dentist makes a clear, almost invisible, tray, which is custom made for each dental patient. The clear trays gently but firmly move the teeth into the desired placement. They fit snuggly and are comfortable to wear. The trays are changed out about every two weeks.

Invisalign Advantages

For the modern adult, there are certain advantages to choosing Invisalign in Edmonton. The most popular advantage is aesthetics. An adult doesn’t necessarily want to wear braces that may take away from a professional or personal self-image. Invisalign fits so comfortably, the dental patient may even forget they have it on. It is designed to fit snugly so it doesn’t irritate the gums, cheeks or tongue. It is also meal friendly. The patient can remove the clear tray when having a meal or snack and simply replace it when finished. It can be rinsed out and doesn’t interfere with usual brushing and flossing.

Invisalign – The Modern Choice

For crooked or misaligned teeth or for improper bites, Invisalign is the modern choice for the conscientious adult whose professional and personal appearance is important, as is their oral health. The choice is clear; dental patients choose Invisalign in Edmonton for their teeth alignment and gum issues.

Motivo Dental provides state-of-the-art dental procedures and solutions to a wide variety of oral health needs, including Invisalign to straighten teeth and align uneven bites.