Interesting Ideas For Second Story Home Additions

Construction and Maintenance

If you want to make your home more livable and need more space because your home has become overcrowded, you may want to consider a second story home addition. Second story home additions can be a great asset to your home by adding more living space and helping to add value to your home as a result. The best way to finance a second story home addition is either through savings or by using a home equity loan. There are many ways to use your second story home addition and a few of those ideas will be included in this article.

If your family is growing and the kids would like to have a bedroom of their own then you may decide to make your second story home addition into an extra bedroom. The kids are sure to love this extra space as they get older and need more room to move about. What kid doesn’t like their own room? Once the kids are grown you can use this extra room as a guest room or change one of the downstairs bedrooms into a guest room, whichever seems right for your family. If you ever decide to sell your home, adding an extra bedroom will help to increase the value of the home and help you to get a bigger profit.

Another idea for a second story home addition is to use the space as a bonus family room / media room with storage. Most homes never have enough storage and you can always find something to store away. You may want to add on an attic that can be used for storage or just some extra closet space would be nice as well. Most everyone has something in their home that they simply do not have room for. Let this second story home addition help to solve your storage problem.

If you are interested in getting into the rental property business you may want to let your second story home addition become that for you. You may want to add an extra bedroom and bathroom upstairs and perhaps even a small kitchen that can be used by your renter. It is also a good idea to provide an extra entrance that is separate from your family entrance way so that the renter can come and go as he or she pleases.

Another great idea for your second story home addition is to add on a room that can be used as an office or a school room. If you decide to use the space as a school room it will be a place where your children can go and get some quiet away from the other members of the family. This will be most beneficial in helping your child be able to learn and concentrate especially if they are in the later high school years where they will need to study quite often.

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