Insulating Plumbing And Other Services Offered By Plumbers In Poulsbo Wa


When it is cold outside, water that is dispersed through outdoor plumbing is prone to freezing when it is cold. If this occurs, pipes can crack when ice begins to thaw. In order to prevent pipes from freezing, they can be cleaned and insulated by completing the following steps. After pipes are insulated, an individual will not need to worry about damage to plumbing or not being provided with a steady supply of water on cold days or nights.


  • bucket of soapy water
  • sponges
  • towel
  • metal file
  • plumbing tape
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • insulation sleeve
  • thermal tape
  • electric heater

Cleaning Pipes And Applying Tape

Exterior pipes should be clean and dry before they are insulated. A bucket of soapy water needs to be prepared and a sponge will need to be dipped into it. A soapy sponge can be wiped over each portion of a pipe’s exterior. A sponge that has been dampened with water should be moved over soapy surfaces to eliminate them. Once pipes have been dried with a towel, thermal plumbing tape can be wrapped tightly around each section. A pair of scissors needs to be used to trim tape. The end of tape should be pressed firmly against a section of a pipe.

Insulating A Pipe’s Exterior With A Foam Sleeve

The length and width of a pipe needs to be measured in order to determine which insulation to purchase. A sleeve will contain a slit along one side of it. A sleeve should be secured around a pipe and the insulation should be straightened so that the slit running across it is straight. Afterward, thermal tape can be used to cover a sleeve and secure insulation. Whenever it is cold outside, water will not be likely to freeze.

If steps have been taken to insulate pipes and it has not worked, however, setting up an electric heater nearby will help melt the ice quickly. Plumbers in Poulsbo Wa are on call to assist with plumbing problems and can determine if any parts need to be replaced. Plumbers in Poulsbo Wa have experience working in commercial and residential settings.