Installing Fiber Optic Cables


When looking at providers of fiber optic cables, Ohio residents should be aware of the different components of fiber optic construction so that they can properly evaluate the alternatives. The most important thing to understand about fiber optic construction is that element layer of a fiber optic cable has a specific protective function, each of which is necessary to ensure that the cable functions properly.

Fiber optic construction consists of several different parts, each of which can influence the performance of the cable. The core the center where the fiber optic cable sits. Multimode is the most common type, and there are two main multimode sizes in use in Ohio, 50 microns and 62.5 microns.

This core is surrounded by the cladding, which plays an important role in containing the light waves within the core. The cladding thus creates the refraction of light that drives the data through the entire length of the cable. The core and cladding are then wrapped in a protective coating to defend against shocks, and sharp bending that can damage the inner core.

The cable jacket surrounds these layers, and within the cable jacket are Kevlar fibers that serve to strengthen the cable as a whole. The outer jacket plays a final protective role, but also can be colored to signify different roles within the network (think red cable/green cable type of thing).

As you can see, the construction of fiber optic cables is quite complex. The different layers each play a particular role in protecting the inner core and ensuring that the cable can transmit data as quickly as possible with as little risk of loss as possible. As such, it is important to make sure that whoever provides your cables has a reputation for detail and toughness, for making cables that are built to withstand the wear and tear that can occur both in the installation process and through regular usage.

In Ohio, there are a number of different options for fiber optic construction, and vending, and we encourage you to investigate the specs of the different providers carefully.