Install Low-Maintenance Seamless Gutters in Putnam County to Protect Your Home


Gutters are an important component of the roofing system. They take all of the runoff coming down the roof and send it into downspouts. These ensure that the runoff is safely deposited at least two feet away from the foundation. Leaky gutters can damage the house siding and even cause the foundation to crack. When water slides down the side of the house, it mixes with the ground near the foundation. This heavy and wet soil presses against the foundation. The force can be great enough to crack the foundation.

As gutters age, they begin to sag. The most common place for them to leak is the seam that joint two gutter segments. Seamless Gutters in Putnam County reduce the number of seams. The first step in installing seamless gutters is to measure all of the roofline segments that need gutters. A seamless gutter can be made as long as needed. The gutter technician arrives on the site with a machine on the back of the truck. He also has the appropriate color gutter material. The machine forms the gutter in a continuous piece until the technician stops it. Seamless Gutters in Putnam County only have seams where they turn a corner or meet a downspout.

They are infused with color throughout their ceramic layers. Therefore they never need painting. They are available in many different colors. It is easy to find one that matches the housing siding and trim. In just one day, most homeowners will love looking at their new seamless gutters.

There are two ways for a contractor at attach seamless gutters. The spike and ferule method has been used for many years. Gutter ferrules are long tubes that are inserted into the gutter to keep them the right width. A long nail is then inserted on the outer side of the gutter. It goes through the ferrule, exits on the interior side and is nailed into the fascia board of the house. A second method places a bracket in the gutter and then attaches it at the roof under the shingles.

A technician at Double R All Home Improvements will help owners decide which method is best for them. He can also answer any other questions they have.