An Injury Attorney in Rapid City Helps You Get an Appropriate Settlement for Your Injuries


When you are on the receiving end of an accident that causes serious injuries for you and any occupants, you essentially have had your rights violated. Everyone has the right to be free from harm at the hands of another, and when someone strikes you, that individual is considered to have trespassed against you. In turn, you have the option to sue the offender for damages that you received as a result of the accident, and an injury attorney Rapid City can help you in this instance.

The first thing you need to take care of after an accident is yourself. In the event you are still mobile, contact emergency services for an ambulance. If you are able to, take down details of the accident for later use. Once emergency services arrive, let them evaluate you and if you feel you need transport to the hospital, make the request. You may have injuries that are more severe than you realize, and you won’t know how bad they are while in a state of shock. After you have received medical care, follow the instructions of the physicians, then contact an Injury Attorney Rapid City at your earliest convenience.

Once the accident has happened, the clock starts ticking on the amount of time you have to take action. The pressure may be compounded by the insurance company trying to get you to settle for a lump sum in order to get you off their books. Never sign anything that is offered by the insurance company representative. Instead, refer them to the lawyer, or don’t talk to them until you retain one. This serves to protect yourself later, as you cannot go back to sue if you signed a settlement with the insurer.

In the event that you have sustained serious damage to your body, you are most likely going to suffer loss of income and more. It’s possible to take advantage of your right to sue for damages against the person that struck you. In the event that insurance is involved, the situation becomes more difficult to get a proper settlement. The insurance company and defendant are going to have lawyers to refute your claim. Having a lawyer working on your behalf sends a signal that you are serious about your intent.

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