Injured at Work? Call a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Arlington Heights for Assistance


Workers compensation is an insurance program to ensure that a worker injured on the job can receive medical treatment. It applies to every worker in the state of Illinois. They do not have to be a citizen or legal resident. Workers compensation also applies to any illness that a person develops because of their job. While showing that a butcher cut his thumb while butchering a side of beef is straightforward, it may be less easy to prove a person developed COPD after working in a building with poor air quality. Workers should contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer Arlington Heights to protect their rights.

Except in the case of an emergency, the employee must seek medical care from a list of doctors selected by the employer. This list must be posted in a public place. There must be several to choose from, and they must be conveniently located. If an employee does not use an approved doctor or medical facility, it could jeopardize their claim. If they went to an emergency room that isn’t on the list, their Workers Compensation Lawyer Arlington Heights can argue that there wasn’t time for an appointment with an approved doctor. If the employee needs to see a specialist that is not on the list, that is acceptable as well. However, the insurance company doctors may argue that the specialist isn’t necessary. They may require an independent examination to verify the need.

Lower back injuries are very common workplace injuries. It can also be very difficult to prove that they are job-related. A person can feel their back stiffen up at work and not realize that it’s an injury. They may think that they are just tired. Over the weekend, it gets much worse and they can barely move.

Their employer may claim the injury occurred at home and was not related to work. A Workers Compensation Lawyer Arlington Heights will work with the employee’s family doctor to show that they had no history of prior back problems. Then he will demonstrate that nothing that was done while the employee was at home would injure the back.

Any employee that needs help with their workers compensation claim should contact a the Therman Law Offices Arlington Heights. A lawyer will meet with them to examine their claim. There is not charge for this first meeting.