Injured on the Job? Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Ankeny


Anyone who is injured doing their job is entitled to workers compensation to pay for their medical bills and lost wages. Federal law requires all companies to carry this insurance. Business owners just have to certify that the injury occurred on the job and the worker is covered. While the law sounds simple, often it is often difficult for workers to get benefits from this program. Often they have to turn to a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Ankeny for help. When they select an attorney it’s important to choose one such as Business Name that only represents injured workers. When a person calls them looking for help they speak directly with one of the partners.

Since all they do is represent injured workers, they have no divided loyalties. They never represent insurance companies or businesses. As soon as they are contacted by an injured person, they make sure that the person won’t miss the deadline to file a claim. An injured person must notify their employer within 90 days that they have been injured on the job. Then they must visit a doctor on the prescribed list that is posted in the public area of the company. Usually workers can find this list in a locker room or breakroom area. The doctors must be located near the business. If the person needs emergency treatment, they may seek help at any emergency room.

Once a claim is filed, the injured worker isn’t dealing with their employer. They are dealing with their employer’s insurance company. Their Workers Compensation Lawyer in Ankeny knows how to file a claim that the insurance company will approve. Sometimes the insurance company and employer will counter that the injury did not happen on the job. While it’s obvious when a carpenter smashes a finger with a hammer, it’s less obvious when the carpenter injures his back. Those types of injuries can manifest hours or days after the incident. Lawyers work with doctors to document that the injury is work related. Insurance companies will often try to force injured workers to return to work earlier than they should to avoid paying out benefits. Lawyers can also use medical records to prove that they need the time to recuperate.