Ingrown Toenails Are No Laughing Matter


If you suffer from ingrown toenails you know just how painful it can be.

Causes of ingrown toenails include:

Poor Fitting Footwear

Low quality or poor fitting footwear is the cause of most ingrown nails. Shoes that are too tight or too small force your toes to bend into untended positions. When shoes are undersized or too tight, the five toes bunch together becoming uncomfortable. This can cause toenails to bend downwards and grow into the toe. Socks or panty hose can also contribute to ingrown nails.

Poor Nail Trimming

Poor nail trimming can also cause an ingrown nail. When nails are cut too short, often times they turn in a downward direction and begin to grow into the toe.

Toe Injury

Often times an injury to the toe through dropping something onto it, kicking, or tripping can contribute to developing ingrown toenails.


If hygiene is poor it could become a factor in ingrown nails. If your toes are always moist, sweaty or in a warm environment and your shoes or socks do not allow sufficient ventilation, your nails can turn soft and become susceptible to becoming deformed and could lead to ingrown nails.

Ingrown Toenail Remedies

There are a few remedies for ingrown toenails. First, wear shoes that are comfortable and a good fit for your foot. Never use narrow or undersized footwear. You should also keep your feet well ventilated, clean, and free of sweat or moisture. Always use clean socks and never wear the same pair for more than one day.

Never cut your toenails too short and make sure they are cut straight across to avoid curvature. If things get too bad, never self-medicate. Visit a podiatrist to learn the best way to treat your condition. Please visit West Haven Foot & Ankle for more information.