Information to Prepare You For Getting Dentures in Tulsa


Do you have missing teeth that are making it impossible for you to chew your food, speak properly and even have the confidence to smile? If so, there are now more treatment options than ever before to help you replace your missing teeth. The latest advancements in Dentures Tulsa have produced a much more comfortable and attractive denture than ever. Instead of dentures that look obviously fake or slip around in your mouth, you can now have better-fitting dentures with a look that you will love.


When you first go in for dentures, you must have X-rays and be examined by the dentist. The dentist needs to make sure that there are no teeth that need pulling and that there are no roots intact or gum conditions that might interfere with you wearing dentures. The dentist will pay special attention to your gums, using tools and the examination process to make sure that there are no gum infections, injuries, sores or lesions that might prove painful for you when you are wearing dentures. If the dentist feels like you are a good candidate, you will then have a special mold made of your gums.

When the dentist makes a mold of your gums and jaw, this is used to make a pair of dentures for you that will custom fit your mouth. Using a special quick-hardening material, the mold is created. It is then sent off to the lab so that your dentures can be created. Most dentures are available the same day that you come in for your appointment. This is why professionals who provide Dentures Tulsa ask you to get there in the morning so that you can pick up your dentures that afternoon.

Once your dentures have been created, the dentist will carefully place them in your mouth, checking to make sure that they are comfortable and that they fit snugly. This helps to ensure that your dentures will not slip around in your mouth when you are talking or eating. To determine if dentures are appropriate for you, Visit website set up a consultation with Carletti Dentistry & Associates.