Industrial Distributors: Going Green

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Industrial

Renewable energy is a growing market segment. Industrial distributors are helping these green energy producers to meet their targets by being there to provide them with the equipment, tools, and supplies they need. Those who are producing energy through solar, wind turbine, hydro, biomass and geothermal require others to ensure they have the pipes and fittings they need to ensure their products and services are functional, viable and accessible from start to finish.

The Role of Copper and Other Metals

Climate change and a genuine interest in reducing the problems caused by energy production have increased the search for environmentally friendly solutions. While new green energy solutions are viewed as a positive move, they do exist within an industrial context. To remain a viable concern, green energy resources must utilize service and other industries to help them equip their devices with the means of producing, storing, transporting and delivering the clean energy.

Thermal solar plants and turbines need pipes, valves, and fittings to operate smoothly. Depending upon the requirements, the metal and type of piping will vary. However, industrial distributors find copper piping to play an important role in these renewable green energy systems. However, stainless steel and other metals may also play a role.

In the case of superheated steam, copper is not always the best choice. Instead, companies turn to high-chromium alloy pipes and valves. Another choice for gas supplies, including those who use methane as a biofuel may be HDPE pipes. Other types of green energy production will turn to the traditional pipe and fitting material – stainless steel.

Industrial Distributors

In addressing the requirements of green energy production, companies will turn to industrial distributors for suitable and efficient pipes and fittings. While copper has its use, some will turn to other materials. These will include various metal alloys as well as HDPE and, of course, stainless steel.

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