Increasing Your Patient Services With Refurbished Stress Test Systems

Cardiology Equipment

Often in smaller clinics and health care facilities, the purchase of new equipment is a challenge to work into the operating and equipment budget. This can mean that that the purchase of specific equipment that is needed in the facility, but not on an emergency basis, may simply be put off for months or years.

While this equipment may not be directly related to emergency services, when it is related to patient care and monitoring it does have a very big impact. Only have on stress test system in the facility can increase patient wait times and even make scheduling more challenging.

The Solution

The answer to this problem to balance the budget and also provide services can come in the form of refurbished stress test systems. These are like-new systems that carry a warranty, which be a year or more depending on the specific model and system selected.

On top of this, they are often very new models and as the purchaser, you can easily compare different models of refurbished stress test systems side by side. This will help to determine the various features and options that come with each system.


Adding an additional stress test system allows you to consider the possible gaps or issues in monitoring patients with the current system in use. Sometimes these may not be significant, but finding an additional system that compensates for these issues will give staff the option to choose the stress test equipment best suited to each patient.

Consider specific features such as the reports offered through the equipment as well as the timing of the reports. It will also be critical to consider the compatibility of the system with existing equipment, particularly the treadmill, or if that will also be part of the new purchase.

As with all medical equipment, choosing a model that offers the latest in features and technology is one of the major considerations. By selecting and buying one of the refurbished stress test systems the price of system can be as much as forty percent lower than a similar new model, which is certainly going to help with budgeting.

Keep in mind that top companies offering refurbished medical equipment may also be able to provide financing. This can be a great option for smaller clinics and testing facilities and it can help to ensure you have the right equipment for your testing needs.