In mouth and out of mouth tooth restoration


Restorative care in Montreal is a term which is used in a dental practice; it simply means that a tooth or teeth can be restored either by replacing or repairing all or part of the tooth structure. A direct restoration is when the work is done in the mouth; this would include such treatments as fillings, root canals, etc. On the other hand, veneers, crowns, dental implants, etc are done outside the mouth and then put in place. In the modern dental practice, both are done on a daily basis.

Let’s look at a couple of well known examples:

In mouth restorative care in Montreal:

If a tooth is damaged, either by trauma or by decay, there is a need to repair it. If the problem is decay, the dentist will first clean the cavity, removing all evidence of decay and then fill the void with amalgam or perhaps a white filling if the tooth is noticeable when laughing for example.

A more traumatic in mouth treatment is a root canal, this is a procedure which takes place if there is considerable pain which is shown to be caused by an irreversible condition; this could be and infected root or a nerve which has dried up. Once the root canal has been completed there is no further pain as the nerve in the tooth has been removed. Although the words themselves throw fear into people, there really is no reason for it as the procedure is done while the patient is subject to anesthetic.

Out of mouth restorative care:

There are many situations where the dentist must prepare dental prosthetics outside the mouth. This often is the case when the teeth are badly discolored or they have been chipped and have surface cracks. The solution for this is to fit the patient with porcelain veneers which are thin strips of porcelain which have been made to fit exactly over the surface of the teeth and then affixed with dental resin.

A combination inside/outside procedure is a dental implant. The dentist surgically implants a tungsten screw into the jaw bone, this is the in mouth care. Outside the mouth a false tooth is fabricated which eventually is fitted to the top of the screw, the new root. Between the inside the mouth and outside the mouth restorative care in Montreal, the patient gets third tooth.

Both in mouth and out of mouth restorative care in Montreal can be had when you visit Retter Dental Care. General dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are readily available procedures.