In Mold Decoration for Brand Identity

Injection Molding

Do you have a pair of Beats by Dre? How about a string of fairy lights? That new iPhone case? All of these things and more are branded using in mold decoration. By and large, this type of decoration is done to mostly flat objects, like that phone case, or to surfaces with a minimum of features. The film is placed in an injection mold, and then the mold is filled with plastic. The heat of the plastic bonds the film to the object, making it a permanent part of the item. Uses can range from applying labels to creating a laptop shell and more.


Branding means making your company stand out strongly against the competition. It’s not just a logo and a website, your brand on goods has to hold its own against the competition. A number of small companies use “swag” to make sure that their brand has visibility. From phone cases to sticky note holders, from keychains to earbuds, branding is an essential phase of starting your business or hitting refresh on an older company. Working with a professional branding firm will give you a graphic that is eye-catching, relevant, and easily producible.

Go for the Gold Standard

In a time where the hassles of dealing overseas now outweigh the advantages, bringing your needs to MDI means a shorter supply chain, and one more in your control. Let’s say it – China is cheap, but there is more to company than a balance sheet. Take into account just how much control you have, and how long it takes that order to turn around once you make it. A number of locations across the U.S. means that there’s one close to you and your company. Set up an appointment today to see what your swag and look like, and build your brand one item at a time.