Improving Self-Esteem With Treatment by an Orthodontist in Solomons MD


It’s safe to say that Americans have become somewhat obsessed with perfect teeth in a way that has never been seen before. An Orthodontist in Solomons MD assists in that quest for perfectly aligned teeth, but the effects are definitely not just cosmetic. For example, teeth that are not crowded together are easier to keep clean, which helps prevent tooth decay.

Adult Orthodontic Therapy

When this work isn’t done during childhood, adults may be dismayed about their crooked teeth, even if the problem isn’t significant. They may view even one misaligned tooth as a distinct flaw in their smile. Adults usually don’t want to get metal braces with brackets that stay on their teeth for a year or two. They typically opt for clear removable aligners.

Aligners are available from many general dentists. However, since one of the specialties of an Orthodontist in Solomons MD is teeth alignment, many patients feel more comfortable having this work done through an orthodontic clinic.

Self-Esteem Improvement

Orthodontic treatment from a dentist such as Louis B. Sachs can vastly improve a person’s self-esteem. No longer being nervous about breaking into a full smile is psychologically rewarding. The person feels more attractive and confident about his or her appearance. These effects carry over into many aspects of daily life.


Orthodontic therapy, even with the removable aligners, will have some times of discomfort as the devices gradually shift the teeth into a different position. This is one reason why children usually aren’t provided with removable devices, as the dentists worry that the kids won’t wear them if they are uncomfortable. Patients may be advised to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to ease the discomfort if it is bothersome. Generally, this only happens for the first few days after each time the patient switches to a different stage of aligners.

Whether the patient has bracket braces or removable aligners, this person should never hesitate to contact the dentist with questions. The patient may not be sure about whether he or she can eat a certain type of food with the bracket braces, for example. Click here for information on one particular dental practice.