Improve Your Dog’s Quality of Life with Pet Laser Therapy in Fairfax Station, VA


Dog owners will do anything to make sure their pets are healthy and happy. Unfortunately, even with the best care, it’s not always possible to avoid every problem. Owners who want to help their dog heal faster and endure less pain should look into Pet Laser Therapy in Fairfax Station VA.

What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy involves using low-level lasers to target areas of inflammation or pain. While both hot and cold lasers are utilized in veterinary care, this therapy relies on cold, red-light lasers. It works best on pets that have problems with their skin, soft tissues, or joints.

During treatment, the vet will cover the dog’s eyes with protective glasses. While being held in place, often by the owner, the vet directs the laser at the damaged area. It only takes a few minutes to complete the treatment, and the animal shouldn’t feel a thing. In fact, many dogs enjoy the treatment.

Treated Conditions

A vet may recommend this therapy for dogs with arthritis or joint pain. Studies show that the use of lasers helps to reduce inflammation, allowing animals to move with ease once again. Lasers are also commonly used after surgery to help muscles and damaged tissue heal faster.

Dogs try to mask their pain. Owners may notice their animal is less active or winces when being petted. Pet Laser Therapy in Fairfax Station VA may help reduce this pain. Although some veterinary clinics have used this innovative treatment for over a decade, it’s just now becoming common.

Risks of Laser Therapy

As with any treatment, lasers come with a few risks. Retina damage is one of the biggest concerns. That’s why anyone in the room should wear goggles whenever the laser is in use. Burning may also occur if the laser is left in one area for too long, although this is not common with cold laser therapy.

Animals who are pregnant should not undergo laser treatment, as it may cause a spontaneous miscarriage. Lasers should not be used on tumors. Malignant tumors may grow in size and metastasize faster after laser therapy.

Lasers are quickly becoming a go-to treatment for dogs of all sizes. Owners report impressive results, including happier and more active animals after a single treatment. Crosspointe Animal Hospital can help you decide if your dog would benefit from this innovative therapy. You can also connect them on Facebook.