Improve Your Bite or Chewing Ability With Dental Crowns in Chicago


There are a variety of options available that can restore a beautiful smile, which you chose may depend on what problems your teeth have. For instance, caries can erode the enamel and dentin that make up the tooth. In severe cases the dentist may need to remove large portions of this damaged material and cover the remainder with Dental Crowns Chicago. A dental crown is a tooth shaped covering placed over the exposed portion of a damaged tooth. The crown will be shaped to fit the area where the damaged tooth is located.

The primary purpose of Dental Crowns Chicago is to provide the patient with a functional tooth replacement. For molars this means a strong crown that can take the pressure that results from chewing. For front teeth the crown needs to be strong enough to handle the pressure of biting. The two aren’t exactly the same. Chewing pressure is mostly a downward stress while biting pressure can push on the sides and edges of the teeth. This means that front crowns need to be well secured and designed to disperse the pressure as evenly as possible.

Another requirement for the front or visible crown is color. To ensure their patients have a natural look the dentist can use materials like PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal). This material uses a dental grade metal covered with a thin porcelain veneer. The end result is a tooth that appears normal yet remains very strong. Once the crown is ready, it will be secured with a strong adhesive. This adhesive is designed to provide a durable bond that should hold for years. Should the bond break your dentist can easily restore the crown with a little cleaning and the application of more adhesive.

Improving your smile is the goal of most dentistry. The application of crowns is a useful tool in this process. Crowns are functional coverings that protect the remainder of a damaged tooth. This gives the patient a functional bite without the need for extraction and implants. If you are suffering from tooth decay and need dental crowns be sure to contact Windy City Family Dental for more information.