Improve the Look of Your Landscape in Arlington


To maintain a well-manicured lawn, you will need to have excellent landscaping skills. With proper lawn care, the results can be breathtaking. In your garden, the lawn design will be the centerpiece on which everything else is based. Here are a few tips that can help you improve the law your landscape in Arlington looks.

Geometric Patterns

In this pattern, the centerpiece will be a line of lawn squares separated by pebble pathways. These squares will lead to three different turf lined steps. The pathways will have the effect of making the individual gardens appear longer than they actually are. The lawn squares will be surrounded by beautiful species of herbaceous plants to complement them. On the sides of the lawn, the homeowner can decide to plant lime trees to frame the garden.

Adding a play area in the lawn

This is one of the most family friendly lawn designs. When creating a lawn plan for a home with small children, adding designs such as a rustic swing makes it seem a little more family friendly. For this lawn, you can use tough and hard wearing grass species because there is a likelihood of the children spending a lot of time playing on it. Having evergreen shrubs to frame the lawn will take off the hard edge that the swings, and the tough grass could have created. There are also patterns that you can use such as lots of paved paths winding through the lawn, to create more space for the kids to play.

Adding dining spaces outdoors

Of late, many people have been struggling to create designs that bring more of the indoors outside. Nothing feels more natural and relaxing than having a well-organized dining area outside the house. You get to choose furniture colors and styles that blend with the environment and withstand the effects of weather. At the same time, the dining area will add beauty to the lawn, even when not in use.

These are just some tips on how to improve your landscape in Arlington. To get more information about designs that can improve your home, contact Cambridge Landscape. You can reach them through their website,