Important Oral Milestones for Children


Oral hygiene for babies, toddlers and children is just as, if not more important as for adults. Once you see that first little tooth peeking through the gums, you can get them started by purchasing an infant toothbrush with starter toothpaste for him or her. This sets the tone for healthy oral regimens, as well helps to massage their little gums that are sure to be hurting due to teething. The following is a brief timeline to help you along the way as you introduce your kid to the world of Childrens Dentistry in Wichita KS.

Most children will need to need to visit the dentist for the first at the tender age of one. In some cases, if the children is exceptionally good about getting off bottles and pacifiers, they can get away with prolonging that visit to two years old. For the first visit, of course, you can expect a little apprehension from the child. For some reason the dentist’s office provokes fear in the hearts of grown men, so it’s best to be prepared for your toddler to be a little uncontrollable once the dentist asks to take a look into their mouth.

Once the initial visit is squared away in the archives, you can expect to take your little one to the dentist at least every six months to keep up with his or hers oral health. Usually by the age of six, you child will begin to shed his or hers baby teeth and grow permanent ones. Oral regimens are extremely important during this time as gum will be very sensitive to germs and bacteria.

Once your child’s permanent teeth are coming in, a dentist may recommend an orthodontist to observe and make recommendations for braces or other oral procedures. This may not take place until the child is a little older. However, the orthodontist can make predictions so that you are aware and prepared for what is to come.

Taking care of your child’s teeth, is part of making sure they grow to be healthy and vibrant individuals. Always remember the basics of brushing twice daily, flossing between meals, and keeping up with dental appointments. Also, in the event of an emergency, such as a chipped tooth on the playground, be sure to head straight to your dentist’s office.

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