Important Information Regarding Polishing Hardwood Floors in Topeka, KS

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Carpets

No other kind of floor will give your home an elegant and homey look more than hardwood floors. Nonetheless, hardwood floors usually lose their shine with time. If your floor has been there for so long it has lost its luster, and you are anticipating taking out the flooring and substituting it with a new one, then take a deep breath. Hardwood flooring can be revived. In most cases, you can renew its shine by polishing it. Below are some steps to refining Hardwood Floors in Topeka, KS.

Cleaning: water-based solvents and water can harm hardwood floors. Therefore, you should never use them in cleaning your hardwood floor. You can use commercial hardwood cleaners that are not water based to remove stains on your hardwood floor. For dust and particles, use a vacuum or broom or both. In areas where it is very dirty, use a firm nylon scrub brush.

Buffing: One of the best ways to partly refinish your hardwood floor is to buff it. This step in the polishing procedure prepares the flooring for a new finish every time. Buffing normally prevents the finish or polish you apply from shedding off fast. You can rent a machine that is known as buffer. Ensure that you use a screen with 100 grit.

Polishing: Once you finish buffing your hardwood, you will require it to be finished by applying polishing solution or wax. You can opt for paste wax since it survives longer and it will give your hardwood flooring an extra shine. Nonetheless, you should bear in mind that paste wax is harder to remove than any other kind of finish or polish. If you are planning or refinishing it down the road, then you should choose polishing solution since it is easier to remove than wax.

It can be laborious as well as time consuming, but you will get great results if you apply polishing solution or wax manually. Ensure that the floor is dry and clean prior to applying polish. The regularity on how you have wax or polish your Hardwood Floors in Topeka, KS will depend primarily on the kind of hardwood, the traffic it gets and how old your floor is.

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