Important Information about Employer Retaliation in Worcester MA


Speaking up in the workplace about discriminatory practices is a worker’s right that is protected by law. Laws safeguarding this type of conduct have been put in place because employers will often retaliate when a worker complains about unfair employment practices.However, Employer Retaliation in Worcester MA is almost an unspoken form of discrimination. Some of the activities that usually invite employer retaliation include the exercise of worker rights, participation in legal proceedings as a witness in a lawsuit involving workplace discrimination, and reporting alleged violations of the law to the authorities among others.

Most employers will refuse to admit retaliatory practices. Therefore, employees are required to establish a link between the protected activity and the negative consequences experienced. Such a connection can be established through producing evidence to the effect that the employer failed to conduct an investigation into an employee’s grievance, the complaining employee was treated unequally or there was a pattern of hostility directed towards the dissenting employee.

The law expressly prohibits an employer, employment agency or labor organization from discriminating against any person on the basis of their opposing any discriminatory practice. However, proving claims is extremely critical in retaliation. To establish a prima facie case, the employee musts show that they engaged in a protected activity, as a consequence of which their employer subjected them to adverse employment action, and that there is a causal link between the protected practice and the employer’s alleged adverse action. It is, therefore, crucial that you hire a knowledgeable lawyer in the event that you feel retaliated or discriminated against.

Discrimination and retaliation in the workplace can have a toll on your self -confidence and esteem. You should allow your voice to be heard since there are numerous state and federal agencies protecting your rights as a worker. You should have no fear of being targeted as a result of speaking your mind or pointing out injustices carried out by your employer in the course of business. If you are facing employer Employer Retaliation in Worcester MA, you will need the assistance of an experienced attorney. Contact Michael O. Shea Law Office for more information.