Important Components of the Patient/Nurse Relationship


If you are considering entering one of the Nursing Programs in Cincinnati there are many aspects of patient relationships that must always be top of mind. Understanding the implications of inappropriate behavior will help you forge strong and trusting relationships with your patients.

In order to form a trusting relationship it is very important to speak to patients and explain what you will be doing. This is the best way to establish trust as you can keep any promises you might make to them. If you say you will be back to check on them or get them something for their pain be certain you do. It will be very hard to regain their trust once it is broken.

Respect is of the utmost importance because patients will be from many varied walks of life. All people have dignity, individualism and a sense of worth that you must be acknowledged regardless of any perception of social or economic status or any attributes that might be distinct. It is even more important that their health condition be treated without judgement or fear.

Professional intimacy
As a nurse you will be in many intimate relationships with patients from the treatment of their bodies to a psychological intimacy as well as having details of their medical information. It is very important to keep separation from personal and professional intimacy in every situation from keeping information confidential to dealing with intimate moments such as bathing or the sharing of information as purely professional. This must be done without losing sight of compassion and empathy.

As mentioned above empathy is important. It is understanding a person’s feelings and making them feel validated. It is different from sympathy which is more personal. It allows you to understand their situation while maintaining a distance from the actual situation. This is important not only for the patient but to enable to allow you to be more effective in your job and not carry issues home with you.

Because you are in a position to act on the patient’s behalf as well as having access to personal information that you could share inappropriately some patients may be aware you have some power in the relationship. It is important they do not feel you will abuse your power.

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