The Importance of Seeing the Emergency Dentist in Haddonfield for Tooth Infections


Tooth infections can be difficult to deal with. If you are dealing with a tooth infection, you could be in severe pain. You could also have swelling in your jaw and gums, pus drainage around the tooth and a fever. A tooth infection should never be overlooked. The longer you go without treatment, the more advanced the infection will become. This could cause the infection to spread to other teeth and even into your gum tissue. This is why it is imperative you are seen as soon as possible by your dentist. Through the Emergency Dentist in Haddonfield, your tooth can be promptly treated, so you can feel well again.

How Does the Emergency Dentist Treat Tooth Infections?

If you experience a tooth infection, the dentist will first need to examine you and take some X-rays. This will allow the Emergency Dentist in Haddonfield to know how severe the infection is and if it has entered other teeth, the gums or even the bone tissue. If the infection is in the tooth alone, the dentist will most likely begin treating you with antibiotic therapy. This will begin to stop the progression of infection, so you can find relief. Often, other forms of treatment are needed, to find full relief.

The Emergency Dentist in Haddonfield may make the decision to perform a root canal on your tooth. This is often done in cases where decay or infection are affecting the health of a tooth. The dentist will make an opening in the top of the tooth. He or she will then remove all of the diseased inner portions, including the nerve.

Nerve removal helps to stop the pain, so you are no longer in agony. The dentist will then scrape down the insides of your tooth with canal files, so they are completely clean of any debris or infection. Since the infection is not completely removed, the dentist will only temporarily seal your tooth, until you go through your full antibiotic therapy.

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