The Importance of Seeing Your Dentist in Runnemede for Infections


Gum and tooth infections are common because the mouth is teaming with billions of bacteria and is a prime breeding ground for infections to develop. Infections in the mouth can be quite serious and can spread to other parts of the body. When an infection occurs in the gums, it can lead to tooth loss because of the pockets of infection forming around the teeth. The infection can also spread to the heart and cause life-threatening illness. To bring the infection under control, you need to see a Dentist in Runnemede so your infection can be diagnosed and treated promptly.

Treatments for Gum and Tooth Infections

When an infection occurs in the tooth, it can be very painful and can cause tooth damage. Often, the infection enters into the canals or roots of the tooth. When this occurs, the dentist will normally perform a root canal. This procedure removes all of the diseased tissue and infection inside the tooth. Once removed, the tooth can often be saved from extraction. If the infection is severe, the Dentist in Runnemede will often prescribe antibiotic treatment to help prevent the re-occurrence of the infection.

Infections in the gums can be serious and can spread quickly. When infections in the gums occur, pockets of infection often develop. These pockets can begin to cause loosening in the teeth. Not only can infection cause these issues, but it can also spread to the heart. When the heart becomes infected, serious complications can occur in the body. Infections in the gums are often difficult to treat. Pockets of infection must often be cleaned out, using special tools. Lasers can be used to remove excess gum swelling and tissue. Through antibiotic therapy and ongoing treatment, the infection can be brought under control and tooth loss prevented.

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