The Importance of Being Screened for Lung Cancer


Screening for lung cancers is a test that is used to check for signs of the disease in people who are healthy, but may be prone to developing it. The screening is highly recommended for adults who are older and who have smoked for the majority of their lives. This screening is completed with the use of a Low Dose CT scan in Riverhead NY. The scan will help to detect signs of lung cancer, helping people receive early treatment, which has a higher chance of being successful.

It is important to discuss whether or not you need this screening with your doctor. They will be able to review your medical history in order to determine if you are at risk for developing the disease. If you have a sufficient risk, they will likely recommend that you are screened.

The Reasons Behind Lung Cancer Screening

The ultimate goal of being screened for lung cancer is to detect its presence at an early stage, when there is a higher likelihood that it can be cured. Studies have shown that this type of screening will reduce the risk that you die of lung cancer.

In most situations, the lung cancer screening will be reserved for individuals who have the highest risk, which include:

* Adults over the age of 55 who are currently smoking or who smoked for a good portion of their lives.
* Individuals who have smoked, extremely heavily, for a long period of time.
* People who were once heavy smokers, but have quit recently.
* People who are in good health but have issues such as advanced heart disease.

You should discuss your risk of developing lung cancer with your general doctor. They will be able to evaluate all of the risk factors in order to determine if you need this type of screening.

The actual process for the low dose CT scan is non-invasive, but you will have to be still and may have to hold your breath in order for the machine to capture a clean shot of the lungs. The images will be created as your table moves through the machine. Once the scan is complete, you will have to meet with your doctor in order to receive the results. They will also begin to develop a plan of action if any type of issue was detected during the scan.

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