The Importance of Hiring Charlotte, NC Electricians


Over the past few years the economy has been gradually strengthening. During this time business has picked up in the housing development sector. As more and more people build new homes or businesses, one of the key components involved in the construction is the hiring of experienced electrical contractors. The importance of using a top-notch electrician could mean the difference between a smoothly operating electrical system and dealing with constant electrical outages due to overloaded circuit breakers. Hiring any of the skilled Charlotte, NC Electricians that meet your professional criteria will save you time and money for years to come.

New home construction is not the only area that the contractors at a business like Gowdy Electric are experienced in. Any residential or commercial building that has faulty or old wiring is a perfect candidate for their repair and re-wiring skills. Many older structures still have ungrounded wiring that was installed decades ago. Besides the lack of the ground prong slot on outlets, the wiring is often in a state of decay. Whether it is due to years of temperature changes or just age in general, the older electrical material may not have held up due to it’s decades old composition. In addition to this, many older structures still use outdated fuse boxes rather than circuit breakers, which cannot always meet our expected present day power demands. All of these factors are potential safety hazards and code violations which need to be updated. When these conditions are present, it is in the owner’s best interest to have a certified electrician evaluate the situation and estimate the cost of the work. The Charlotte, NC Electricians who work for companies like Gowdy Electric can provide a free estimate and easily complete the job around your schedule.

Interior electrical work is not the only skill these electrical contractors possess. Exterior landscape lighting can be designed and installed to brighten the darkest areas of your property, increase security through better visibility, decorate and highlight a patio or swimming pool, and add an overall ambiance to your property. From low voltage sidewalk lamps, topiary spotlights, and driveway lanterns, to swimming pool patio perimeter lights and underwater pool wall lamps, these electricians can turn your property into a gorgeously lit experience for all to enjoy.

Ensuring electrical safety on your property is extremely important. Contact an electrical contractor today to set any doubts you have at ease.